Finance Images & Infographics

Visuals like (infographics and images) are one of the most effective learning methods for learners. We are striving with a goal to simplify the concepts particularly for beginners of accounting, business, and finance. So, On this page, you will learn your favorite topics with beautifully designed infographics and finance images.

Accounting Ratios

Ratio analysis expresses the relationship among selected items of financial statement data. A ratio expresses the mathematical relationship between one quantity and another. For analysis of financial statements, we can use ratios to evaluate liquidity, profitability, and solvency of the business. In this post we have summarized all major ratios along with formula and purpose.

Accounting ratios


Difference between Accounting and Auditing

In this finance image we we will understand the seven major differences between Accounting and Auditing.

Accounting vs auditing

What is Accounting?

An Accounting is the art of recording financial transactions relating to a business.  In this post you will learn:

  • Types of Accounting
  • users of accounting
  • Steps in accounting cycle (Accounting Process)
  • benefits of accounting
  • Set of standards used by Accountants
  • Careers in Accounting

what is accounting


Debit and Credit Rules

The term debit indicates the left side and credit indicates the right side of an account. They are commonly abbreviated as Dr. for debit and Cr. for credit. In this post your will learn all the debit and credit rules.

debit and credit


Financial statements Preparation from adjusted Trial Balance

Business entities prepare financial statements from the adjusted trial balance. This post is just about to learn:

  • How financial statements are prepared based on the given trial balance,
  • The relation of financial statement elements among each other.
  • The relation of financial statements with each other

Adjusted trial balance


Risk and Uncertainty

Estimates of cash flows might be wrong for two main reasons:
-Risk in the investment, and
-Uncertainty about the future

risk and uncertainity


Inventory Shrinkage( Inventory Shortage)

Inventory shrinkage is the difference between the quantity of physical inventory taken at the end of the accounting period and the quantity of inventory shown in the inventory records.


inventory shrinkage