What is Metaverse? And How it works?

What is Metaverse? And How it works?

What is Metaverse?

Introduced a few months ago, Facebook’s metaverse already guarantees to lead us into a new virtual world that we’ve never experienced before. But what is it exactly?

What is Metaverse exactly?
Metaverse is a combination of several technologies, including augmented reality, virtual reality, and many others, which allow users to live in a fully digital world. Users will be able to play games together and earn the money, have dinner parties, celebrate birthdays, travel the world, and do anything we can imagine.

In summary, the Metaverse is a digital world with real people (represented by digital avatars) who can interact with each other and with the outside world and even they can make financial transactions with each other.

Not so complicated, is it?
For example, Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams are already a kind of Metaverse. Indeed, you are digitally “present” on the screen (in a virtual room), you see static images, a video, or an avatar that represents those with whom you are chatting.

How will the metaverse be used?

The Metaverse can be used for a lot of things. Whether it’s training firefighters to respond to fires, giving new interns a tour of the office, visiting family on the other side of the world, as long as you have the imagination (and the technology) almost anything is possible on the metaverse.

Imagine how much easier shopping for clothes will be. No more fighting in stores for fitting rooms, no more leaving your house. Try-on virtually and order!

Where does the term “Metaverse” come from?

The term “Metaverse” was originally used by author Neal Stephenson in his 1992 book “The Virtual Samurai” (Snow Crash). In his book, the Metaverse was an imaginary place that was available to the public through a network that could only be reached with a virtual reality headset. In this world, developers could create buildings, parks, and a ton of other imaginary and futuristic things.

The importance of Metaverse.

Although the first iterations of Metaverse will most likely be much less exciting than those we find in science fiction books and movies, they will still bring astronomical value to our society. Even many futurists and entrepreneurs believe that Metaverse will change human beings forever.

You’re probably already beginning to understand how important Metaverse will be in our lives.

Why should you care about it?

As an investor, your main goal is to grow your assets. The metaverse is, according to many, the technology that will revolutionize our lives just as the internet did in the 1990s.

The “.com” gold rush of the 2000s is already being replicated in the decentralized world of cryptocurrencies where we can already see Metaverse projects growing by 1000% in just a few days. Participating in its projects is absolutely essential for any investor who wants their piece of the Metaverse “pie”.

Imagine, we have the opportunity to be the owners and early adopters of a technology that will inevitably occupy an extremely important place in our society. The uses of Metaverse are limitless. And the opportunities to make money in the field are also limitless.

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